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Our skate parks and ramps are designed by skaters for skaters. We offer custom design, planning and consultation to create a skating environment which will suit your community's needs and its skater's desires. We build and test to the latest requirements of the EN14974 safety standards for skate equipment. Our high-quality equipment and installations have been proven to stand the tests of both skaters and time.

The newly designed portable ramps range allows skaters and BMX riders to break down the walls of being restricted to one set location and experiment with making the world an ever adaptable skate line.

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Tips and Tricks: Beginners Guide - The Ollie

The Ollie is the most important trick to learn for a skateboarder. It is the essential key necessary to progress onto learning flip, aerial and grind tricks. Once mastered, the ollie opens up all the possibilities of skating.

  1. Position your back foot over the back tail of the skateboard, your front foot just before halfway and bend your knees.
  2. In one fluid motion, slam the tail down into the ground with your back foot and slide your front foot towards the other end of the skateboard whilst extending your legs in an upward movement. TIP: you may get better results if you slide your foot up on its side.
  3. Raise your legs up allowing the board to naturally move up with you.
  4. Press down on the front end of the skateboard with your front foot, thus forcing the skateboard back towards the ground. TIP: Keep your feet spaced roughly over the screws of the trucks to keep balance.
Other Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks: Skateboard Ollie

Technical Aspects

Skate Ramp Structure
Ramp frames are manufactured using 30mm x 30mm x 3mm square steel hollow section, and are boxed in using 1.2mm thick galvanised steel sheet.
Transitions on half pipes, quarter pipes, etc are manufactured using 60mm x 30mm x 3mm rectangle hollow section.

Skate Ramp Finish
All frames to be shotblasted, zinc rich primed, then a finish coating by way of polyester powder coating.

Handrails are manufactured using 30 x 30 x 2.5mm square steel hollow section for the frame with 16mm round solid bar welded vertically to the frame with 100mm centres.

Handrail Finish
All handrails to be shotblasted, zinc rich primed, then a finish coating by way of polyester powder coating.

Steel Skate Ramp Surface
Steel ramp surface is manufactured from 2.5mm thick steel sheet that is welded to the steel frame to provide a continuous riding surface.

Steel Skate Ramp Finish
Urban Extreme Pro treatment is applied to the steel ramp surface.

Skate Ramp Sound Proofing
Park Leisure's optional sound proofing is achieved by applying Spray Insulation foam to the underside of the ramps. This helps reduce vibrations caused by skaters on the ramps. Reducing the vibration associated with the activity on the ramp in turn helps to reduce noise. Sprayed on insulation can also help to dampen the level of the impact sound produced as the skater lands on the ramp. A detailed survey and monitoring of the activity recorded a peak reading of 96dB upon impact by the skaters. After applying sound absorbing spray foam a peak reading measured a SPL of 86dB with over six times the amount of activity by the skaters. The measurement of 10dB difference represents a reduction of half the sound energy. Spray foam insulation has the following advantages over other sound proofing methods:
  1. More efficient and a better fit than cutting foam-boards
  2. Provides strength and sound-insulation and cuts out unwanted air leakage
  3. Being physically attached to the metallic surface the material dampens the reverberation after an impact.
  4. The sprayed application which penetrates all nooks and crannies coupled with 25 fold expansion of the foam ensures that all potential air gaps are plugged minimising airborne sound transmission from the underside of the ramp and surrounding enclosure.
  5. The sound absorption properties of the foam in conjunction with the above effects served to reduce measured sound levels in the vicinity of the ramps by at least 10dB. Due to the logarithmic nature of the scale this represents a 50% diminution in sound energy.


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Urban Ramps recommends wearing suitable safety equipment whenever performing any extreme sports tricks or using any of the ramps/rails. Park Leisure & Urban Ramps hold no responsibilty for any injuries obtained through use of their products. View more information on our Help page